"How do we get there from here?"

A new program. For many who wish to bicycle to frequent destinations like schools, shopping, work or play, finding the best route can be a barrier. We will work with Cool Petaluma Cool Block teams to help them identify and follow those routes. Here's how:

  1. Cool Block Team members commit to riding their bikes instead of driving to specified destinations for a specified minimum period of time (e.g. school twice a week, work every Wednesday)

  2. An SSP WayFinder meets them on their block, using everyone's knowledge and the Big Bike Map to help them determine the best route, considering distance, safety, shade, and other factors which make it a low-stress high-joy experience.

  3. The WayFinder helps make sure the neighbors have safe bikes and understand the basics of safe riding

  4. The Neighbors and the WayFinder do a group ride along the planned routes, calling out areas of interest or concern. This includes potential sites for Quick-Build traffic calming measures, or proposed City projects that need neighbor advocacy support.

  5. The Cool Block Team keeps track of and celebrates their accomplishments.