Quick Build

What is "Quick Build?"

The term “Quick Build” is now popular among safe streets geeks, but it draws a blank stare from most people. Here’s a short and simple definition: "A temporary, low-cost test installation of street safety modifications that allows real-world evaluation by people who use the street. If it passes the test, it is easily upgraded using more durable materials. If it fails, it is easily removed.”

One can think of Quick Build as a way of “mocking up” the final design full-scale so that it can be seen, experienced, and critiqued by every member of the community before the design is finalized and built.

A growing number of US cities have an established process for Quick Builds, including the following: Atlanta, Austin (TX), Burlington (VT), Chicago, Memphis, NYC, Pittsburgh, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Portland (OR).

We are partnering with Petaluma Public Works staff and neighborhood groups to do more quick-builds. The goal: speed up installation of street improvements that will improve our neighborhoods by making them safer for everyone. Petaluma's Cool Block program is a perfect vehicle for engaging neighbors in this work.